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We are a quality-seeking and quality-conscious company that sells EVs at a reasonable price. Before it reaches our customers, every product we manufacture is thoroughly inspected, rigorously tested by quality engineers, and quality checks.


After all, this is the prime reason for such a massive change to electric vehicles. They are powered by electric motors and do not use fossil fuels, so they emit no pollutants. In effect, increasing EV adoption is being promoted to negate the significant role that ICE vehicles have played in global carbon emissions.


In comparison to traditional petrol-powered bikes and scooters, they have very few moving parts and mechanicals. Furthermore, they do not require engine oil or air filters, which are frequently replaced components in an ICE vehicle. As a result, only the most basic components require maintenance.


Electricity prices do not fluctuate as frequently as gasoline and diesel prices. As a result, you would always pay less to recharge and operate your electric two-wheeler. In fact, some electric two-wheelers have a running cost that is one-tenth that of an ICE vehicle.

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Utkal EV is a pioneer and Authorized Dealer of Zelio. Electric Two-Wheeler industry. For more than a decade, we have been at the forefront of electric mobility in India. We believe in providing our customers with an environmentally friendly two-wheeler solution that, above all, provides excellent value for money. Our Mission of "No Emission" supports Hero Electric's efforts to make the country greener by providing 'Zero Pollution' transportation via its diverse range of Electric Vehicles.

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