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Utkal EV deals with brand like ZELIO

We SRI SAI Enterprises established in 2013 , in the vision of Jitendra kumar Das . We are dealing with the brand like ZELIO , that aspires to offer the most diverse range of EVs. Our aim to be an affordable and accessible electric mode of transportation for everyone. We are dealing with road safety item, just as speed governor, Retro Reflective tape . GPS, Pollution Equipment’s, our plan is to bring something new to the market that will also support fighting against the pollution. we want to make positive impact so that the majority of energy consumption is caused by fuel vehicles, Ev vehicles are a boon.

Furthermore, because the Ev vehicles are inexpensive as well as require little maintenance, our vehicles are ideal for everyday use.

Why We choose?

With Utkal EV, you can give wings to your wishes! Swift movement, robust brake system, efficient speed with Electric vehicle makes you navigate through all adverse terrain and traffic without any hassles. All these without wasting any non renewable fuel!



Our vision is to transform India's transportation ecosystem by introducing affordable, efficient, and accessible electric vehicles. We intend to revolutionize last-mile connectivity for everyone. As our planet's natural resources run out, UTKAL EV has a vision to convert all modes of transportation to electric.


Our Utkal EV mission is to provide EV for all by offering the widest range of EVs to drive affordable electric mobility. We want to change the environment, people's lives, and to keep the nature pollution free.

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